Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer

Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer

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Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Explorer

The Explorer kayak by SKUK (NDK) is designed for rough water and covering distances, the Explorer is SKUK's main expedition kayak and suits the medium/large sized paddler. Faster than the Romany family, maneuverable and directionally stable. It has a large carrying capacity and has been used on multiple multi-month major sea kayak expeditions including a one-month expedition to Antarctica carrying all supplies with no support!

The Explorer is fitted with the High performance glass seat, unless otherwise requested. The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary. The Explorer is also available in low volume and high volume: HV and LV

An amazing and favorite as well as tested expedition kayak for the medium/large sized paddler

Length: 17.6', width: 21.25 in, depth: 13.58 in

Overall volume: 83 gallons 

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