Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Pilgrim Kayak

Sea Kayaking UK (NDK) Pilgrim Kayak

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The Pilgrim is a responsive kayak designed for the small or slim paddler. The hull is narrow, offering speed and is very easily turned and controlled in wind with a minimum of weather cocking even in strong winds. This kayak is as easy to roll as any Greenland style kayak. Pilgrim fits the small kayaker and also the taller and slim kayaker. This multiple-fit option is due to either side of the cockpit. 

The kayak is fitted with the High performance glass seat, unless otherwise requested. The small paddler may want to consider the small size High performance glass seat which has to be ordered specifically, but for no additional cost. The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a keyhole cockpit that gives excellent grip, control and allows quick exit if need be. The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.

Color: Light Blue, Black trim, White hull, Black Keel Strip, wire skeg  (the photo is a stock photo not exact color of this kayak)

Dimensions: Length: 5'7" / width: 19.5 "

overall volume: 250.5 L / front hatch volume: 62 L / cockpit volume: 117.5 L, day hatch volume: 36 L, rear hatch volume: 35 L.

Pilgrim or Pilgrim Expedition?

The Pilgrim Expedition is a faster longer version that is more stable due to the length. The Pilgrim Expedition has more volume for the expedition paddler.


Although the kayaks have been designed with raise so they can easily be edged they do have a softer curve between the hull and rail. This help in moving water and waves. A hard edge would be less friendly and make the kayak a little harder to control.

The Echo is a kayak designed for the small person or as a youth sea kayak. The hull has been refined but it is essentially a Pilgrim Expedition cut. If this feels tight you will need to try either of the following:

The Echo, Pilgrim, Pilgrim Expedition and the Latitude of the SKUK range are all the same width. The main difference between the kayaks is a slight straightening of the rocker line as the kayaks get longer. If we simply extended the kayak without changing the rocker line we would end up with a slower banana shaped kayak.

If you are in control of the kayak, you can edge and turn easily. As you edge you introduce more of the kayak rail and automatically change the wetted area of the kayak. This is why we also change the volume, hull profile and rocker lines when designing maneuverable kayaks. It’s NOT just rocker line.

The cockpit area of the Echo has also been taken ½” (14mm) further forward to stop the kayak being blown down wind with the smaller paddler. In addition, some volume has also been taken out of the bow as lighter paddlers need less volume so the kayaks sits better in the water. This will give you far more control.

All the above have knee bumps and the best way of customizing is to raise the seat so the knee bumps can be utilized. Seats can be raised by ½” (14mm) or 1” (25mm). There is no need to raise the seat higher than an 1” (25mm).


If the Pilgrim range feels tight then the next size up would be the Romany Classic as a day / weekend kayak and the Explorer as the faster more expedition kayak.


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