Kokatat Genius SS Carabiner

Kokatat Genius SS Carabiner

$ 24.00 USD

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The Kokatat Genius SS Carabiner is a smaller compact stainless steel carabiner with a fixed eye and a gate that opens (kicks) off to one side.

Best Use:

This is the preferred carabiner for our contact tow systems.

Why We Choose It:

    • "Kick to the side" gate on a smaller sized carabiner allows you to hold the gate open with your thumb (even gloved) without blocking the opening, allowing you to get the carabiner on or off the deck lines quickly.
    • Stainless steel construction - no corrosion over time in salt water, it works when you need it.
    • Requires little maintenance (because it's stainless steel).
    • Fixed Eye - rope is held in a separate hole from the main gate area so you never lose your line when you open the gate or have it move to an unsafe position.
    • The gate fully locks to the nose in a keylock. The gate therefore it can't twist off the line when under tension. This also creates a smooth basket preventing premature releases from twisting.
    • No Hooks on Nose. Hooks easily snag on deck lines slowing a rescue down. A carabiner hooked on a line in rough water often requires both hands to unhook it leaving you with no hands on your paddle! A line caught in the hook and under tension has the potential to weaken or break the carabiner.
    • Can carry the carabiner by the basket on your thumb when going in ready for a tow.

    Because of its size and weight, some paddlers choose Genius Carabiner for their primary tow systems. It still has all the essential safety features that are important for fast effective rescues.

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