Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD

Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD

$ 159.00 USD

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The MsFit Tour PFD was deigned for women, but its great fit quickly became a favorite of men as well. It has a very ergonomic shape for paddling with articulated shell and foam panels and ample pockets for sea paddlers who need to carry extra gear close at hand. It has multiple adjusting straps to make it fit your body just right, its compatible with the Kokatat Tributary Hydration System and it's very durable with the quality built you expect from all Kokatat products.

Best Use:

For every day paddling - it's super comfortable. For expeditions - has enough pockets to carry energy bars, sun screen, compass, GPS, bill cap and more. And for leading - extra safety gear can be close at hand ready for quick incident management.

Why we choose it:

This is by far our favorite PFD for fit, comfort, pockets and simplicity! We wear it because the fit is comfortable while paddling, it has lots of pockets for all our safety kit, and the design is clean for doing snag free rescues.

Prior to the design of the MsFit Tour PFD, we and almost every other certified leader and coach wore a bulky 5 pocket PFD as our only option with enough pockets to carry our required safety kit, once the MsFit Tour came on the market it quickly became the life vest of choice of nearly every paddler on the sea.

It has all the nice features you want: reflective tape, knife garage, strobe lash tab and multiple top-loading pockets, padded Hypalon® shoulders.

As team athletes for Kokatat we are proud of being involved in the testing and feedback to its award winning design. This has been our favorite PFD since its conception and still is today!

We also made a video about the MsFit PFD with Bryan Smith a while back for Kokatat. Enjoy!

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