Terra Nova Equipment Bothy Bag

Terra Nova Equipment Bothy Bag

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The bothy bag or beach igloo is a lightweight emergency shelter for a group of two to eight people. It requires no poles, and packs down into its own attached small bag. The group simply pulls it over their heads and under there butts and sits down, the groups bodies inside support it and create warmth! It is a must piece of kit for leaders and guides.

Best Use:

To get a group of cold or exposed paddlers out of the elements fast. Great for breaks, lunch, debriefs and moral boosting when the weather outside is nasty. It can be used in winds that would tear down a tent.

Why we choose it:

It is one of our favorite pieces of kit and it saved our lives twice. Both occasions we where on our Iceland expedition and were hit by an intense low pressure system of hurricane force. On the first occasion Leon was hypothermic from exposure from a nasty tumble and swim from a large breaking wave. After landing the bothy bag allowed us to get out of the cold and rain and to get warm and motivated to push on as the beach we were on would not allow us to survive the storm.

The second occasion was during the same storm, our tents were being torn apart by the wind and sand, and had to be taken down leaving us exposed to the blowing wet sand literally sand blasting us alive. We used the beach igloo to give us breaks from the sand blasting as we moved ourselves to an emergency shelter. The storm lasted six days.

We also find the igloo to be a great motivator when a group is out on a cold, windy and wet day. Once inside warm and having a hot tea, smiles and laughter take over the previous serious and somber faces. We feel it is an essential part of our every day kit.

Bothy Bag comes in two sizes: Bothy 4 and Bothy 8, indicating the number of people that can fit in it.

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