This is the Roll DVD

This is the Roll

This is the Roll DVD

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Award winning film-maker Justine Curgenven have teamed up with Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson to make this instructional rolling DVD. The DVD is aimed at anyone trying to learn their first roll, people wanting to get a bombproof roll & those wanting to learn forward finishing rolls. The DVD contains step-by-step instruction on how to do 3 different rolls – the standard Greenland roll, the reverse sweep roll & the storm roll. Cheri and Turner believe these 3 rolls on both sides will allow paddlers to recover from a capsize in real conditions no matter how you are knocked over.

The DVD contains:

  • Clear demonstrations of the standard roll, the reverse sweep & the storm roll from multiple angles, including beautiful underwater footage.
  • Fundamentals – a chapter looking at key techniques & theory which will help you when you roll.
  • Cheri & Turner talk you through learning progressions that they've developed over years of teaching.
  • Cheri & Turner teaching students the rolls.
  • Troubleshooting section identifying common mistakes and showing how to correct them.
  • Adapting your kayak and equipment for rolling.
  • The paddle strokes needed to roll (pry, sweep & scull).
  • Stretching for rolling and paddling.
  • Balance Brace, Greenlandic balance brace & sculling for support.
  • Instruction and demonstrations with greenland paddles and Euroblades.
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