This is the Sea DVD

This is the Sea

This is the Sea DVD

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Cackle TV Productions brings you sea kayaking at its most exciting! Thrilling footage taken in big surf and roaring tidal races lets you feel you are in the boat with expert paddlers. Watch their eyes bulge and hear them scream in excitement as they meet the challenge of big water!

Hear personal insights from the world's top sea paddlers including expedition paddler Chris Duff, Greenland Kayak Champion Malligiaq Padilla, and world leaders Nigel Foster and Nigel Dennis. This film also features Body Boat Blade's owners Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme. Locations are as far afield as California, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Greenland, Wales and Russia.

See footage from daring and difficult sea kayaking expeditions, including a 650 kilometre journey along the eastern coast of Russia with a novice paddler. The team encounter 6 foot surf, brown bears in their campsite and are arrested by Russian soldiers.

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